Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Favourites: Perfumes

Even though the season is now Autumn, I do enjoy using 'floral' scents in perfumes each day. This seasonal I am currently using a mixture of perfume scents, floral and dark woody scents. There will be a post soon here on Beauty Artiste about current perfume favourites for Autumn and Winter! 

At the moment, I have absolutely adored using Vera Wang "Love Struck" and Marc Jacobs "Daisy" (the original). These 2 perfumes are an absolute must for spring/summer scents as they are subtle but add a little 'zing and oriental flower', very beautiful. 

Vera Wang "Love Struck" has become my favourite perfume to use throughout each season. The notes of this perfume are pink guava, mandarin, tuberose and lotus blossom, but the main notes which are most noticed are precious woody notes and the beautiful sheer musk scent. I must not forget to mention, the oh so beautiful packaging and aesthetic appeal of how the perfume bottle looks. The beautiful tulip-like-shaped flowers on the lid and the mixture of red and light rose coloured ribbon delicately glistening on the bottle, is quite pretty and girly. This scent and beautiful bottle is a must-see and smell. 

Marc Jacobs "Daisy" is an all time favourite perfume of mine and has been in my perfume collection for a few years now. This 'feminine and classic' scent and perfume is a must in every woman's perfume collection. The mixture top, middle and base notes are very intense and quite beautiful- the top notes consist of strawberry and violet leaves, middle notes of violet petals and jasmine bouquet, and base notes of musk and vanilla infusions. It is advertised as a "playful, bright and alluring scent". This perfume is absolutely gorgeous, the beautiful golden shimmer of the perfume inside of the bottle with the added aesthetic touch of 3 different sized white flowers (Daisies) with a gold button in the middle of the flower, on the perfume bottle lid. 

What will your seasonal perfume favourites be? 

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